Sweater Weather

Fall is finally in the air and the perfect top for the season is obviously sweaters. There are many sweaters in the market that are made with various materials. The most lightweight material would be cotton. Cotton is the most breathable fabric and made from natural resources. Whether you want to wear a sweater for looks or for warmth, cotton is a fabric that is more for the look. Cotton is lightweight so wearing a cotton sweater during a sunny day will do justice.  Next, we move on to acrylic. Acrylic is a fabric made from yarns or fibers. This falls into a synthetic fabric that has its pros and cons but will keep you warm during those chilly days. The fashion industry carries many sweaters made from acrylic since you can mix and match different yarns to create a multi-colored or different look. There are sweaters made with 50% cotton and 50% acrylic which can create a nice look. Acrylic is also very budget friendly in terms of fashion finds.

Lastly there is wool. Wool is also a natural fabric but keeps you the warmest during those winter nights. Wool fiber comes from many mammals. There is a controversy with wool because it is taken from animals which may not agree with PETA standards. This fabric is also very high maintenance but is labeled the warmest fabric for those winter nights.

Currently, on Luxor Boutique, we carry acrylic sweaters. Our favorite sweater in the market right now is our mauve fringe sweater. Our fringe sweater is a current trending look with a vneck and fringed hem details. This sweater runs big and is oversized for a loose fit look. We chose the color mauve for our fringe sweater due to an overwhelming response of the current fall favorite color. This fringe sweater sits right at your waist and can be matched easily with the trending over the knee skirts.

Another sweater we carry is called the criss cross top. The criss cross top is also oversized but features a twisted detail open back for a sexy look. The criss crop top also has a V-neckline in the front with dolman sleeves to match its look. For a more classic look, we have chosen to carry the criss cross top in black to be able to match with any bottom you choose to. Luxor boutique offers trendy clothing for women so you don't have to look elsewhere. We handpick each item with every woman in mind. Visit www.luxorboutique.com and enjoy a coupon code on us upon signing up for our newsletter. You won't be disappointed!

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